The Who

When it comes to the age of rock and roll and the best era of rock and roll in general we definitely have to consider the facts that the 70s were kind of the prime time for rock and roll and that is when some of the best rock bands flourished the most. I think that when we take a look at bands that came out of the 70s we see a unique type of band and sound that definitely changed the entire world, and that is why all of the bands that we are going to be talking about through this list of the best bands from the 70s are special and should be treated that way. I know that a lot of people might not agree one hundred percent with the list of bands that we are going to be talking about but for the most part I don’t give a shit about what you think in terms of the best bands from the 70s because I am the writer and it is solely up to me to figure out which bands are the best bands from the 70s and I am definitely really qualified to do so, but thanks again for coming to this site I really do appreciate and I hope I can teach you a lot about the best bands from the 70s.

So the facts of the matter are that we are about to continue our conversation about the best bands from the 70s by talking about The Who and I think that for the most part everyone thinks that The Who were really cool and we are going to explain right now why we think they belong on this list of the best bands of the 70s. The thing about The Who that most people probably remember most is that they are the band that would break and destroy all of their equipment after every show and that is how the show would end, and this is definitely really unique and no one else has ever done anything like this but it still is just a really cool thing that they did that so that alone made them pretty cool. But another thing that we really should consider about The Who is that they did things that were really unique and different through the types of music that they created, and their rock opera album named Tommy that they created also got turned into an actually pretty good musical movie, and this is definitely something that they are remembered for because a lot of bands made movies together, but The Who’s movie was probably the best of the best in terms of a rock opera and the ability to adapt a rock opera onto the big screen. So for the most part we knew we had to put The Who on the list of the best bands from the 70s. They just simply have so much talent and were always able to put on a legendary show every single time they went out on stage and that is the sign of true professionalism in the rock and roll field, and they definitely destroyed all of their instruments methodically and with a lot of class.