Led Zeppelin

Obviously there were a bunch of awesome bands to come out of the 1970s and so for the most part it has been pretty difficult for us to narrow down the best bands from the 70s and that is just a part of the process of getting to the very best of the best, and I think that for the most part we will try to be as collaborative and as generous as we can because we are going to be talking about a large number of the best bands from the 70s and that means that we will somewhat cross over genres. But actually for the most part we are going to be solely talking about rock and roll groups and I think that this will definitely help out a lot because everyone likes rock and roll and it will allow us to get closer and closer to that essence of what the 70s was all about. I think that there is absolutely no doubt about it that the 70s was time in rock and roll history in which so many great bands emerged and changed the world forever, and it’s true that a lot of great technology came out during the early 70s that changed music and the ways in which bands recorded music a lot and that is what it is all about in terms of getting to what makes a band one of the best bands from the 70s.

So the next band that we are going to be talking about in this really prestigious list of the best bands from the 70s is going to be Led Zeppelin, and what else did you expect from the 70s. I mean it is pretty clear that Led Zeppelin was kind of the king group of hard rock and roll for quite awhile and in the 70s they flourished and became bigger and bigger with each new album and live show. They were living legends and with the type of vocals they had from Robert Plant and the guitar they had in Jimmy Page it is funny to think about just how they didn’t take over the world.

But let’s be honest Led Zeppelin did take over the world in a lot of different ways, and their music was at times really intense and hardcore especially for the 70s, and then at times their music was the most peaceful music that you would ever listen to so you know they had a lot of range with their sound and that is part of why they are considered to be one of the best bands from the 70s.  Of course when we think about Led Zeppelin we think about the voice of Robert Plant and how high pitched it was, but of course although he is the voice of Led Zeppelin we still have to consider how the rest of the band was actually some of the best musicians in their respective instruments at the time and especially with Jimmy Page and the guitar. These guys were not afraid to do things differently and improvise during live performances, which kind of became the norm for a lot of rock and roll bands during the 70s but of course Led Zeppelin was just a gigantic force to be reckoned with and they stood the test of time and survived the 60s and the 70s as one of the best bands from the 70s.