Best bands from the 70s

When it comes to really great bands throughout the history of the music industry I think it is super important to recognize that some of the best bands to come from the 70s were actually the best bands maybe of all time and they are still considered that way today. The 70s were definitely a time period when a lot of different artists were experimenting with all types of new technologies that were available to them like synthesizers and digital music making abilities, and of course the sound recording got a lot better during this decade as well. We can definitely go on and on about the technology and the reasons why so many great bands came from the 70s and really emerged themselves as some of the best bands in the world during the 70s, but I think it is more economical to just simply start talking about some of the best bands from the 70s and go into great details about these bands so that we can further understand what made them so great and get us more details about how they are who they are in today’s recognition days of today looking back at some of the best bands from the 70s. So the first band that we are going to talk about that comes from the 70s in general is Pink Floyd, and I think it is really safe to say that Pink Floyd might just be one of the most influential bands of all time, and during the 70s they were really killing it and that is just something special that we should talk about right now.


So of course when you start talking about a band like Pink Floyd, which came from the 70s, you have to start thinking about how a lot of people were experimenting with drugs during this time and were expanding their minds in general. This plays a big factor into the type of music that Pink Floyd plays because they play the type of music that is just so beautiful and exhilarating to hear just from a physical and mental standpoint, and I think their shows were definitely from another world so to speak. Pink Floyd was definitely a really innovative group that wanted and did do things very differently, and they were also the type of band that loved to experiment and improvise for long periods of time and that is something that really started to get them going, and of course everyone just really loved their music because it was always masterpiece after masterpiece when it comes to Pink Floyd, and it is true that Roger Waters was a perfectionist and it can be seen in the type of recordings they made on their blockbuster albums that shook the entire rock and roll world and still changes everything still to this day.


So when we think of the best bands of the 1970s we have to consider Pink Floyd because this is exactly the same time when albums like the Dark Side of the Moon and other really great albums like Wish You Were Here and The Wall came out and really shook the entire world on its head, and that is obviously what their music is all about and they were very successful at doing so which is awesome in so many different ways.